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Dorothy Day House's
Safe Parking and Respite Kickstart Program

Homelessness comes in many forms. DDH has consistently worked to ‘meet the moment’ – which includes meeting people where they are at currently in their lives. SPARK is a testament to DDH’s ability to look at the bigger picture of homelessness—and allow us to reach an entirely new demographic segment of our unhoused community and provide people with the tools to advance their lives towards self-sufficiency.

The S.P.A.R.K.- Safe Parking and Respite Kickstart program focuses on 40 individuals living in RVs who are in danger of losing their source of shelter.

The SPARK program will focus on:

Safe Parking-Many people living in their RVs must constantly struggle with the real threat of their “homes” being ticketed or towed.  Many do not have the financial resources to either pay for parking tickets or retrieve their homes if they are towed.

Respite-Instead of focusing on day-to-day survival, this program allows people living in RVs to focus on long term goals for their futures. While they are staying with SPARK, participants will have the opportunity focus on taking the next steps towards employment, better health and wellness, and laying the groundwork for their futures.

Dorothy Day’s Outreach teams bring groceries to the SPARK on a weekly basis. In addition to food, DDH will provide hygiene, socks and other essential while they are in the program.

SPARK participants also have access to:

  • I.D. Fee Waivers

  • Individual Participant Repair Fund for minor repair of RV

  • Fresh Water

  • Restroom

  • Shower Access

  • Charging Stations

  • PPE/Testing and Vaccine access

Check out some photos of our SPARK program below:

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