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Our Past Projects

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Horizons Transitional Village

2021 - 2022

Dorothy Day House Berkeley's Horizon Transitional Village (HTV) was a 24-hour indoor, organized and monitored encampment for unhoused individuals created in partnership with Rebuilding Together East Bay – North. HTV provided 50 unhoused men and women access not only to laundry, shower, and meal services, but also to workshops by locally-based volunteer facilitators, health and wellness services, a community clothing closet, and ongoing mentorship and support from our 13 on-location staff members.


In the Media

Safe Parking and Respite Kickstart Program (SPARK)


SPARK provided 40 individuals living in RVs with a safe space to park, eliminating the constant threat of their "homes" being ticketed or towed. While staying with SPARK, participants had the opportunity to focus on taking the next steps towards employment, better health and wellness, and laying the groundwork for their futures. In addition to weekly food deliveries, DDH provided hygiene, socks, and other essentials, and gave participants access to the Individual Participant Repair Fund for minor repairs of their RVs, I.D. fee waivers, fresh water, restrooms, showers, charging stations, PPE and testing/vaccines. 


Street Partnership Outreach Team (SPOT)


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, DDH recognized the need to go to where people were, including Berkeley's streets and public parks. The SPOT team partnered with existing social service agencies, bringing food and supplies to the street population, and assisted individuals with obtaining referrals for access to housing, mental health services, and COVID-19-related testing and health services.

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