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With your help, the Berkeley Community Resource Center changes lives.

You have made a huge difference in the lives of thousands — especially over the past year. Dorothy Day House’s Berkeley Community Resource Center is on track to serve more than 2,000 homeless individuals living in encampments, on the streets, or in the open.

The tragic cycle of homelessness is difficult to escape. That is why Dorothy Day House makes it a point to hire individuals whom we serve, such as Carlos, who works for

Dorothy Day House’s Berkeley Community Resource Center.

Carlos with a program participant

Like many people struggling with homelessness, Carlos needed shelter after a long-term relationship dissolved. He came to Dorothy Day House for help.

“It was night and day from my previous experience in a shelter,” he says, “I wasn’t just a number anymore — I’m a person with feelings — with people who regularly checked up on me.”

His job gave Carlos a reinvigorated attitude toward life.

“This place is more than a blessing,” Carlos remarks with a smile, “I am able to provide food for the people who need it. I want to do something good for society. If I can change another person’s life, that makes it all worth it.”

You have made an immeasurable impact on people’s lives with your support of Dorothy Day House and our Berkeley Community Resource Center program. Every meal, each shower, and each load of laundry that we provide allows the people we serve to take steps toward independent living.

Dorothy Day House has proven that we can provide homeless individuals with the support they need to move forward.

The people who are suffering today need us more than ever. Dorothy Day House’s Berkeley Community Resource Center program is the only direct service provider in Berkeley that has delivered uninterrupted support during the coronavirus pandemic.

We cannot do this without you.

This spring, we need to raise $5,000 for our Berkeley Community Resource Center — to continue our record of uninterrupted service throughout the pandemic.

Will you consider donating? You can send a gift online at this link, or you can send a gift by mail to the following address:

Dorothy Day House

PO Box 12701

Berkeley, CA 94712

Your support now will help people like Carlos get back on their feet — and keep them there.

Thank you so much for all the good you have accomplished over the past year.

Mark Newsom

Board President

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