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May We Introduce You?

Angelina Roman, a longtime friend of Dorothy Day House, became one of our Horizon Coordinators officially in June 2021. Initially starting as an on-call employee, Roman has worked since 1997 doing homeless outreach and volunteering for similar human service organizations.

Angelina in the DDH Courtyard

“I truly have a passion for this kind of work,” says Roman, “Helping individuals in need and changing the perception around the unhoused population is especially important to me. They deserve to retain their dignity – and if I can do anything to be a part of that, I will."

Angelina credits her passion for serving others to her upbringing, which eventually then led to a calling.

“I grew up watching my mom serve in church groups. We did outreach to the homeless together,” recalls Roman, “Something my mother instilled in me is that in everything we do, we need to serve others with a willing heart.

For many, organizations like Dorothy Day House have stepped in where one might have leaned on their church or family in the past,” Roman notes, “If a church member was struggling everyone got together. Nobody needed to go without. That value has really guided me throughout my career – and drew me to Dorothy Day House.”

Angelina, who considers herself a lifelong learner, has one story that comes to mind when she thinks about why she does this work.

“Once, I worked with a gentleman who was dying,” she says, “I was able to help secure him a place to live, and he was able to die at home, at peace – not out on the street.

When she is not working Angelina can be found spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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