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May We Introduce You?

Many of our volunteers are familiar with Tami Stewart, our Kitchen Assistant, and Volunteer Representative. After working for another local Berkeley human service organization, she joined our team at Dorothy Day House in the Fall of 2021.

Tami Stewart

“Most of my professional life has centered around developing exhibits for natural science museums,” Stewart said, “When the pandemic hit, all of my work evaporated – so I began looking for ways to spend my time and nervous energy.”

“This work matters so much to me because I’ve grown increasingly disturbed by the housing crisis and rampant food insecurity in Berkeley,” she continued, “It boggles my mind to witness such discrepancy in my community. That’s why I continue working with organizations like Dorothy Day House – I have stumbled upon an incredible group of dedicated souls.”

When Tami is not at Dorothy Day House, she spends her time taking on small museum jobs, exploring various art mediums, hiking as much as possible, and obsessing over her dog.

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