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May We Introduce You?

If you have dropped off a donation or volunteered during our breakfast line, you have no doubt run into Leonard, one of our longest serving employees at Dorothy Day House. Initially joining us as a guest, and then volunteer, in 2020, Leonard was quickly promoted to Berkeley Community Resource Center Program Coordinator in 2021.

His journey to Dorothy Day House is an impressive one, that starts and continues through the COVID-19 crisis. Prior to joining us, he was contracted out for a London based company where he saved food from being wasted.

Leonard Jenkins

Leonard also has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies, and used to work with animals for almost 15 years.

“I think I wanted a change that I knew would make a difference, that's why the work I do matters. In some way most of the individuals I help belong to a group of people that have been underrepresented and subsequently underserved,” Leonard said, “I cannot see myself being anywhere else, the staff is like family, and sometimes family is all you have. I really enjoy the challenges being a Coordinator has, I feel very proud to be able to follow in the former Coordinators footsteps, because she has taught me so much,” he continued.

"I don't really do too much outside of work, but one thing I try to keep in mind is how many people are not able to go home like I am. I keep a set of decorative keys given to me by the Executive Director hanging on my door so that every time I enter or exit I can be reminded just how privileged I really am," he concluded with a smile.

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