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May we introduce you?

David Stegman, Executive Director

Mr. Stegman has been Executive Director of Dorothy Day House since 2011. Prior to joining us, Mr. Stegman worked in Animal Welfare for over 15 years, serving as Executive Director of ARF, Valley Humane, and Contra Costa Humane, (respectively.)

In addition to leading a life of service professionally, he has also been a member of the San Ramon Valley Kiwanis Club for 49 years.

“I always viewed animal welfare and human welfare as being deeply intertwined,” says Stegman, “This was a natural calling for me. But I never imagined I would end up in Berkeley California working with the homeless.”

David’s longtime best friend had managed the kitchen at Dorothy Day House for several years – which piqued his interest in joining initially as a volunteer – then, as interim Executive Director, which became a permanent role in 2011. After learning more about the real Dorothy Day and her legacy – he knew he had found the right organization for him.

"Helping people and being of service to others is a core part of what I believe my purpose is on Earth,” says Stegman, “The work I have done throughout my life has culminated in joining this organization. I can’t imagine being anywhere else, doing anything else.”

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