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Have you heard about our new Safe Parking and Respite Program (SPARK)?

Dorothy Day House’s Safe Parking and Respite Kickstart program is a new program we are running in tandem with our partners at the City of Berkeley. Currently, we have 35 vehicles registered at the facility and 40 residents. Our goal with this program is to ensure that they do not end up in the social services system – by providing a safe place for them to park and get their vehicles ‘road-ready’ through repairs that are provided, they will be able to maintain their homes and find safe RV parking elsewhere, allowing others in need to come to the SPARK program.

“Many of our residents work, and they aren’t considered homeless because they have a form of shelter,” says Bob Whalen, SPARK Program Manager, “Our primary function is to give them a place to live, provide access to showers, laundry, pantry items, water, and meals when available. We are also managing the RV repair program to help them make their vehicle more livable, legal, and mobile.”

If you are someone you know is a qualified mechanic that can provide repairs and work for those in need, please contact Bob Whalen at 510-333-7521.

Check out some photos of SPARK below!

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