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For our unhoused neighbors, there is no 'back to normal.'

Dear Community Members, Supporters, and Friends,

As we begin to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, we mustn’t forget those living outside in our community. For them, there is no ‘back to normal’ and now they must face additional challenges during the winter months – but help is available because of donors like you!

Too often, people experiencing homelessness are seen only by their immediate circumstances. But we know each one of them has a story, and hopes and dreams. With the services you help Dorothy Day House provide, every person can retain their dignity and humanity as we navigate the road back to stability.

Your generosity continues to improve the lives of your unhoused neighbors, including William.

A recipient stands in front of the DDH Outreach truck.

William began coming to DDH for a hot lunch after meeting one our Outreach Team in People’s Park. He had returned to Berkeley, his hometown, after a relationship ended and he struggled to find a place to stay.

As the weather got colder, we were able to support William with a bed in our Berkeley Emergency Storm Shelter, which provided him respite from the harsh winter weather, and allowed him to focus on finding work instead of day-to-day survival. Now, William is thriving in his position at Tesla and regularly volunteers with us serving meals – where his journey with DDH started. Countless individuals are in the process of reclaiming their lives – and just like William, it all started with a simple meal and a generous act of kindness.

When people come to DDH, they often do not have anyone to turn to for support – and sometimes they have had bad experiences with social service agencies in the past. All of this makes it even more difficult for them to trust enough to reach out for help. Thank you, for being someone who shows our neighbors they deserve to be supported.

As Dorothy Day once said, “We must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.” The road back to stability is a long and arduous one for all who come through our doors. Each journey starts with one step, and oftentimes that is the most difficult step to take.

But because of you, Dorothy Day House can continue to be a safe space for those who need to take that first step back to reclaiming their independence.

This holiday season, with your help we can ensure that no one living outside gets left out in the cold. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Dorothy Day House at:

Thank you for your support.


Robbi Montoya

Executive Director

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