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Dorothy Day House's
Food Services

Food for the body is not enough - there must be food for the soul. -Dorothy Day.png

Dorothy Day House has become well known over the last 30 years for our dedication to feeding the hungry in Berkeley. 

Last year alone, we served: 

67,337 Community Meals

Those meals, which include meals served via our Outreach and Shelter programs, used 117,334 pounds of recovered food, which would have alternatively ended up in a landfill.   

Our Food Services are our primary relationship building tool with those in need in Berkeley. Many of the individuals living outside have had unpleasant experiences with Social Service agencies in the past. Through our consistency with both the quality and timing of our meal services, Dorothy Day House can help rebuild that trust and build a personal relationship with those in need. 

This personal approach allows us to assist individuals in unique ways. Where traditional agencies follow a set plan for everyone, we build our plan around the adversities that the unhoused are facing in their particular situation.

All of this, comes after their first contact with Dorothy Day House, which comes as our dedicated volunteers serving them a hot meal and prioritizing getting to know them. 

Our Community Meals and Outreach (for those who are living outside in encampments) and our meals provided to our residents at all of our shelter locations directly result from the generous philanthropy of our donor community. To donate to support our Food Services, please click here. 

To learn more about Volunteering in our Kitchen, please visit our volunteer page by clicking here.

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